Treating Marionette Lines

Treating Marionette Lines with Cosmetic Acupuncture

By Michelle Gellis AP LAc MAc DiplAc

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Treating Marionette Lines with Cosmetic Acupuncture can present some challenges. Recently I was asked on my Facebook group “Facial Acupuncture” how I treat them effectively.

“Marionette” lines are a result of several factors. As we age the depressor anguli oris (DAO), pulls down the sides of the mouth, and all of the muscles attached to the modiolus lengthen.  A deficiency in spleen Qi and loosening of ligaments and tendons in the malar area, fascial adhesions, and fat redistribution can also contribute to this in individuals as young as their late 30s.

The way I would treat this is to use my submuscular needling technique along the superior end of the platysma along with using the modiolus as a motor point and using my mandatory face points to lift the face. Once this has been done, facial cupping and Gua Sha to sculpt the face and release any fascial adhesions, and nourish the skin, ligaments, tendons and changes in fat distribution would be recommended.

Of course, addressing skin level issues such as loss of collagen and elastin is important, and treating the whole person, including lifestyle, diet, constitution, and spirit is all important. Unless you treat the underlying deficiencies
these will never fully resolve.

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