Facial Acupuncture…Not Just for Wrinkles!

As a faculty member at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, my students and colleagues frequently ask me whether there are any benefits of Facial Acupuncture beyond anti-aging or overall skin rejuvenation (reducing acne, rosacea etc.).

When most people think of Facial Acupuncture they think about reducing wrinkles, dark circles, saggy skin, frown lines and “turkey neck”. However, the benefits of facial acupuncture can go far beyond mere esthetics. Conditions such as Bells Palsy, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Ptosis, Facial Paralysis from Stroke or MS, and many other conditions which effect the neuromuscular system of the face can all be effectively treated with facial acupuncture. By using special scalp and face points and specialized techniques such as facial cupping and what are referred to as “motor” points, areas of the face then may be overly sensitive, or atrophied can begin to return to their normal state. Sometimes the results happen very quickly over just a few treatments, sometimes it takes a bit longer, depending on how long you have had the condition, and how severe your symptoms are.

Facial acupuncture is safe, involves little or no pain (most of my patients fall asleep during treatment) and has been used for centuries. Over the past decade I have worked with many patients who have various issues, which have affected their face, be it esthetic, functional or pain related and by and large they have all been very satisfied. If you are thinking of undergoing a medical procedure for improvement of facial tone, texture or function, contact me for a consultation to see if acupuncture may provide the benefits you are seeking.

From My Patients

“When I contracted Bell’s Palsy, I was put on a 6 day regimen of cortisone, and an antiviral medication. It was not until a week later, after I contacted Michelle Gellis, my acupuncturist, and had a treatment, that I experienced any improvement in my condition. The improvement was dramatic in lessening of the facial paralysis. Within a 3-week period, my facial paralysis was improved to a point, that people could not tell that I had been suffering with the condition. I was thrilled, when the regimen of treatments that Michelle performed, had helped my condition so dramatically”.-Linda B. D.

“I contacted Michelle for my ptosis condition (one eyelid sat lower than the other) because my wedding was approaching, I was desperate and even considering surgery, but after just a few sessions my eyelids were even. I was so grateful my eyelids were even for my special day-and so thankful that I did not have to go the invasive route, along with its expense and recovery time. Michelle is very skilled with her needles and definitely master of her craft.”-Steph J

“Since I’ve started the treatments with Michelle for my TMJ and related migraines, I have felt great improvement. I actually have not had one migraine since I started. I had not been able to even chew anything on the right side of my mouth for the past few years and I am now starting to able to chew on both sides again!” Jackie M

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