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My Top 10 Favorite Facial Acupuncture Points – Michelle Gellis, AP

I am frequently asked what my most commonly used or favorite points are to treat the face and why. Here are my favorites. Some may surprise you!

1. Ear Shen Men

  • Calms the spirit, relaxes the face in return.

2. GB41 – Foot Above Tears

  • Allows for emotional release of frustration/anger
  • Grounds the patient
  • Spreads stagnant Qi in Liver and GB channel

3. ST36 – Leg Three Miles

  • Infuses the gifts of the earth within all the meridians
  • Sea of nourishment point
  • Tonifies Qi & blood
  • Fortifies SP
  • Calms the spirit

4. LI4 – Joining of the Valleys

  • Allows us to release impurities
  • Command point for the face

5. SI6 – Nourishing the old

  • Nourishes us in the face of old pain, empowering the assimilation of life’s lessons from past traumas (Lonny Jarrett, Nourishing Destiny)
  • Sagging chin and neck
  • Activates the channel
  • Xi cleft point

6. GB18 – Receiving Spirit

  • Benefits the eyes & forehead
  • Has a direct action on the supraorbital nerve (CN V1) and the galea aponeurotica (which links the occipital and frontal bellies of the occipitofrontalis muscle)

7. ST4 – Receive Nourishment

  • Treats the mouth area-lip lines and nasolabial folds
  • Relaxes the depressor anguli oris

8. SI18Cheekbone

  • Lifts the cheek area

9. YuYao

  • Lifts the brow

10. Yin Tang

  • Treats lines between the brows
  • Relaxes the mind

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