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Lonny Jarrett CEU Lecture – The Face: a Chinese Medicine Perspective – Entry/Exit Points – Windows

Having and Losing Face: Ego and the Frontal Self

Lonny Jarrett
Lonny Jarrett, author, scholar, and distinguished guest lecturer

The Face and Head from a Chinese Medicine Perspective. This on-demand webinar will cover entry exit points on the face, windows of the sky, the stomach and GB channels on the face, the spiritual aspects of treating the face and how it relates within the greater framework of facial acupuncture.

Presented by Lonny Jarrett, an international lecturer, teacher and Author of Nourishing Destiny & The Clinical Practice Of Chinese Medicine.


  • Earns 3 NCCAOM CEUs
  • Cost: $90 including CEUs, $75 without
    CEU add-on available for students who previously purchased the non-CEU version
  • Webinar runs approximately 3 hours

This facial acupuncture webinar will:

  • Familiarize students with entry exit points
  • Review chinese characters related to the face
  • Familiarize students with windows of the sky and how they relate to the face


You will be required to create an account when you check out—with this account you will be able to view the webinar on-demand, on your schedule. Please note: webinar access will expire 90 days after enrollment, after which time you will need to re-purchase. After passing the module’s quiz, Michelle Gellis will review your results and you will receive your CEUs via email within 2–3 business days.

(CEU add-on available for students who have purchased the non-CEU version after Sept. 6, 2020. For previous students, email webmaster@facialacupunctureclasses.com to initiate a manual enrollment. )

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