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Treating Neuromuscular Facial Conditions: Part 2
treating neuromuscular conditions w/ acupuncture

Recorded Webinar – Treating Neuromuscular Facial Conditions: Part 2. Taught by Michelle Gellis LAc MAc DiplAc Instructor, MD University of Integrative Health. Ms. Gellis has published an article on A-Multifaceted-Approach-to-the-Acupuncture-Treatment-of-Neuromuscular-Facial-Conditions.  This 6 CEU class is the second in a two part series which provides assessment tools and needling protocols to treat various diseases and disorders which affect the proper functioning of facial muscles and nerves such as: Bells Palsy, Ptosis, Shingles, TMJ, Stroke, Trigeminal Neuralgia, MS and others. Part two focuses on diagnosis and treatment.

Prerequisite skills are: Intramuscular needling of scalp and face, basic scalp acupuncture, facial cupping, auricular points and trigger points.

Treating Neuromuscular Facial Conditions: Part 2
Scalp acupuncture for neuromuscular facial conditions

This course qualifies for 6 NCCAOM PDA points.

Student will learn how to:

  • Identify different TCM patterns, which effect the facial muscles and nerves.
  • Learn which modality is best suited to treat different conditions affecting the face.
  • Learn how to effectively plan a treatment for various conditions affecting the face.
  • Webinar runs approximately 3 hrs including breaks.
  • Handouts included.
  • Video demonstrations

Links to download the video and any documents or handouts will be included on your payment receipt.



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